Ben’s just turned 31 and has found relief from dark, puffy eyes with eye perfection gel

Meet Ben. He’s just turned 31, and has been taking some simple yet effective steps towards looking after his look. For Ben, having fresh eyes and not having to deal with dark circles or puffiness, was what made Eye Perfection Gel the perfect addition to his morning routine.

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“I’ve recently cracked the big 31 - and while I never thought it would happen... I’m starting to notice my skin is aging a little. For me, the delicate skin under my eyes is where it’s showing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very comfortable with getting older! In fact I look forward to it, but taking small steps to preserving things and taking care of myself is something I’m definitely open to. I love this product because it’s a soothing gel that depuffs and brightens. It feels heavenly, and just makes me look awake. It also reduces the appearance of little fine lines under the eyes, so I’ll take that! Anything I do also needs to be quick and easy, and this is grab, swipe and go. It just gives me that little bit more confidence in meetings, or whatever I’m doing, because I know I’m looking my best.”



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