Lori loves makeup, and for her, skin perfection plus Is SUPER.

Lori was looking to simplify her beauty routine while still getting reliable coverage that suited her lifestyle. She found what she was looking for in our Skin Perfection Plus foundation and wanted to share her quick tips with you.

Take a minute to listen to Lori’s application tips and read her story below, and if you’d like to share your journey and join our community please send in your videos, photos, and stories to getperfekt@perfektbeauty.com

“I was looking for something quick and easy to apply as a BB or CC style foundation (especially for the weekends), that would still give me good coverage because it’s quite hard to find one that suits my lifestyle. Skin perfection plus feels great on the skin and is so much easier to apply than my regular foundations, not needing any extras - no brushes or sponges. But, I still get the coverage that I am looking for. I also love that I can make the same shade work for both summer and winter (with a tan or without), I don’t know how they do it - but it still blends! And if you’re wanting to go more “glam” or if you have a long night ahead - you can layer it without it looking cakey!”


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