Brush and tool free with SPF protection - Nicole has her skin care routine (and confidence) on lock.

Nicole knew what she was looking for from her makeup, and wasn’t going to settle for anything less. Today, she shares her simplified beauty routine in a quick video and wrote in some of her tips.  

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“As a woman who has suffered from acne my whole life, I’m always in search of a makeup brand that’s lightweight, soft, blendable, has the SPF I need, but that can also smooth out my random spots of discolouration. Sounds like a tall order, I know, but between the Per-fékt Start Kit and Skin Perfection Plus, I’ve got everything I need! I’ve tried the Skin Perfection Gel, Cheek Perfection Gel, Lash Perfection Gel, and Skin Perfection Plus, and let’s just say that they’re aptly named. A few skin care tips, I completely skip the primer because the Skin Perfection Plus is sooo soft, I don’t need it. I just use my fingers - it was designed to be used this way (no brushes or sponges or anything like that) so easy to use! I love the no makeup, makeup look, but I like to have a little color on my lips, so I actually use my cheek perfection gel on my lips too (shade peached). My morning makeup routine is so quick and easy now thanks to Per-fékt!”

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  • Enjoyed your video. You looked vibrant and adorable.

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