Nicole took a friends advice and has finally discovered how to get a perfect glow which looks authentic and is hassle free.

After noticing a beautiful tanned glow on one of her friends (and knowing she hadn’t seen the sun in months) Nicole had to know her friends secret. Since then she hasn’t been able to stop raving about it, and has decided to share her experience on our blog! Thanks Nicole!

Take a minute to listen to Nicole’s review and read her story below, and if you’d like to join our community and share your journey please send in your videos, photos, and stories to

“I heard about the Body Perfection Gel from a friend, her skin always looks flawless with a natural glow. I asked what her secret was and she credited it to her Body Perfection Gel. I had been looking for something to give a warm but subtle glow to my skin, especially in the winter/spring months. When I tried the product, it really gave a natural (but noticeable) looking glow. I found it didn’t feel or look like I had self tanner on. I didn’t expect it to go on as smooth and consistent as it did! I really didn’t need as much product as I thought (a little goes a long way). Another thing was that it didn’t leave any residue or rub off once it was on - which was huge!”


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