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Mmmm food. We love it. But did you know there are some foods that can actually help you with your beauty routine? Basically eating to make yourself more beautiful - something we’re definitely okay with! On today’s blog we’re shining some light on four foods that will help encourage your natural radiance and beauty to shine through. The extra good part, they’re ALL delicious.

Goji Berries - Packed With Vitamins A + E

Goji berries, are packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids. With so many healthy things crammed into just one little berry it’s easy to see why more and more people are swearing by them. Originally from Tibet where they were used in traditional medicines, these berries have many health benefits including; enhancing vision, boosting immunity, lowering cholesterol, and aiding weight loss.

Goji berries contain more beta-carotene than carrots making them an excellent source of vitamin A which combined with vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, make them key for any beauty regime. That being said we do know that Goji berries don’t always fit into your meal plans, so we’ve made sure to load up an array of our products with vitamins like A & E, to make sure that you’re skin is taken care of.

Avocado’s, Avocado Oil, and Protecting Your Skin

Per-fékt Beauty Avocado Oil Natural Makeup


Avocado oil is known to be smoothing and softening for the skin and compared with many of the other leading oils on the market, avocado oil has one of the highest skin absorption rates.

Avocado also contains vitamin E, carotenoids, and glutathione - an antioxidant that is exceptionally effective at reducing free radicals in the body. Glutathione is effective against environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and ultraviolet radiation.

With all of these benefits we’re about to make a bathtub full of guacamole and never look back, but just in case you don’t have the time or space available to make your own guac-bath, we’ve included avocado oil in our Liquid Gold to make sure your skin is staying protected and smooth.

Cucumbers, Rehydrating and Depuffing

Per-fékt Beauty Cucumbers Natural Makeup


Cucumbers belong to the same plant family as gords, and watermelons, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re made up of 96% water, it’s also rich in electrolytes which makes it ideal to help you rehydrate on these warm summer days. You can have them as part of a snack but at Per-fékt HQ we like to put a few slices in our water bottles. This freshens up the flavor of the water and helps to extract the silica, which prevents acne and other skin conditions.

We all know that putting cucumbers under our eyes can help to reduce puffiness and get rid of those seemingly ever present under eye bags, but did you know that’s because they contain anti-inflammatories like COX-2. That’s why we’ve packed our Eye Perfection Gel full of cucumber extract, to help you get rid of that under eye puffiness when you’re didn’t quite get that full 8 hours of rest.

Sage Is All The Rage

Per-fékt Beauty Sage Natural Makeup


Sage is all the rage and for good reason. It’s associated with boosting cognition which could lead to the prevention of Alzheimer’s, and has lots of vitamin K which is essential for increasing bone density - something crucial for preventing osteoporosis. And if we needed to be sold even more, it’s packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories (which we’ve already talked about), and proteins like beta-sitosterol which are associated with strengthening hair and revitalizing it’s growth. This is one herb that will make your skin and hair, both healthy and happy.  

With all these benefits it’s hard to believe that many people only think of this herb when it comes to making Thanksgiving stuffing or when throwing you’re throwing on some Simon and Garfunkel (if you’re of a certain vintage). So if you’ve been wise to sage’s benefits this whole time or are a recent convert, we’ve got you covered with our brow perfection gel. It’s got sage extract and nettle extract to help keep your brows, and the skin under them healthy, and looking great.

Happy, Healthy, Beautiful

Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It’s important to treat the inside as well as you do the outside! Adding these easy and delicious superfoods to your diet will not only have you feeling like the best version on yourself, but looking like the best version of yourself. Like Per-fékt’s makeup - it’s not about covering up, but about embracing your best self! So snack your way to beautiful skin! It’s easier than you think.




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