Time Saving Makeup Tips

Time-Saving Makeup Tips

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!* One of the most dreaded sounds you can imagine - your morning alarm. You know you’ll eventually have to open your eyes to throwing on clothes, screaming kids, and rushing through breakfast. You’d like to look your best, but the struggle to find the time for morning makeup, is real. Today we’re going to share with you 4 common mistakes you could be making, that if you fix, will go along way to considerably cutting down the time you spend on your morning beauty routine. We’ll of course be sharing what their easy solutions are as well! So, read on, and hopefully you can hit that snooze button a few more times with these time-saving makeup tips.

Fix #1: Ditch The Makeup Tools

Makeup Application tools


If you think using tools to do your makeup is essential - it’s not. Find a makeup line that is brush and tool free and you’ll save a heap of time, and can do your makeup on the fly anywhere, anytime. Not only does this little hack save you precious time in the AM, but it also saves you some serious $$$! Brushes, wedges, and sponges suck up a major portion of our makeup budgets, and are surprisingly unnecessary. With the exception of mascara requires a brush applicator, the right type of makeup can be applied with the pads of your fingers. In fact many renowned makeup artists actually suggest “fingerpainting” as the better option when applying makeup.


With foundation, I like to apply with my fingers to warm and thin the makeup and give it a natural, veil-like finish ... Cream shadows ask to be applied using fingers - so quick and easy.”

- Rebecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist


"Fingers can give more of a natural, rosy, fresh look.”

- Daniel Sandler, Daniel Sandler Makeup

Fix #2: Quality, Quality, Quality

Lipstick Makeup Art

One of the biggest mistakes made in beauty is attempting to save money on buying cheaper products. Typically this means a lot more product needs to be used due to the formula being less concentrated and watered down. Low quality makeup often looks cakey and unnatural, and the time needed to apply actually ends up being significantly higher due to how much you need to use! You don’t need to break the bank, but by going low price, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run both financially and also with your time! Per-fékt proudly sits in prestige beauty, but it’s also affordable. We call it affordable luxury. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to start, the No Makeup Makeup Bundle is a good place.

Fix #3: Double-up With Multi-Benefit Makeup Hacks

 Per-fékt beaty concealer, primer, toner, and color corrector

We’re all guilty of doing more than we need (especially when it comes to makeup). More often than not, we’re told we need a long list of products to look “good”, but it’s just not the case. If you’re anything like us, this may sound familiar - you walk into a beauty store looking for a simple foundation. A lovely sales assistant approaches you, and shortly after you’re walking out the door with a serum, toner, primer, concealer, colour corrector, setting powder, and setting spray…oh, and of course the foundation you initially set out to get. The funny part, you’re probably still unclear on what half of them actually do. Not only is this very expensive, but it adds unnecessary steps to your morning makeup routine. The best fix is to keep it simple and double up. Finding products that are multi-benefit, like Per-fékt’s Skin Perfection Gel are major time-savers. This particular product combines makeup and skincare, and hydrates, primes, smoothes, covers and corrects skin. It’s skincare, a primer, a lightweight foundation and a skin corrector all-in-one and takes seconds to apply. Of course, there’s no tools needed.


Per-fékt beauty Cheek Blush


What’s better than double duty? Triple duty, and right along side Skin Perfection Gel, Per-fékt’s Cheek Perfection Gel is a lightweight multifunctional pigment gel that can be used to replace your blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. Our “Blushed Look” blog goes into detail about exactly how this one product can be used to pull together an entire look in under a minute.

More Time For The Things That Matter

Mom Time Saving Hacks

It’s kind of shocking to hear this statistic, but on average we’re spending approximately 55 minutes completing our makeup each day. At PKB HQ, a quick survey showed our beauties are spending on average less than 10 minutes! (And our girls are almost exclusively Per-fekt Makeup users!)

So, if you’re looking to find a little more time in your day for the things you’d rather be doing, and want to avoid being a slave to your makeup routine, here’s your homework.

  1. Use tool free makeup
  2. Don’t break the bank, but do use good quality makeup
  3. Use Multi-benefit cosmetics that do more than one thing - you’d be crazy not to!
  4. Acknowledge and say “yes” to your own natural beauty

Okay… point 4 wasn’t mentioned until just now - but it’s probably the most effective action item on the above list! Life is short ladies, so every precious moment we can save, we should. Now hit that snooze button and get a few extra Zzz’s on us.  



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