6 mistakes preventing good sleep hygiene, causing sleepless nights

So You Can’t Sleep?

It’s your favorite hello, and hardest goodbye - your bed. If there’s one thing a busy mom (and really anyone for that matter) appreciates and cherishes more than almost anything it’s a good night’s sleep. Alas, for most of us, catching a decent amount of Z’s is few and far between, so any sleep you can get, you need to be making it the best it can be! There are plenty of urban myths about how to get a good night's rest, so we’re here to debunk the top 6 mistakes you’re making, preventing you from a good night’s sleep.

#1: Nightcap For An Easy Snooze

Night Cap Sleepless Night

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t actually help you get a good sleep. Though it will make you fall asleep quick, the chemical compounds in alcohol disrupt the 2nd stage of non-REM sleep causing disturbance and arousal. We love a glass of wine after a long day just as much as anyone, but if you can pour that glass at 6:00pm rather than 10:00pm, you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

#2: A Nice Hot Soak

Relaxing Bubble Bath

The only thing better than a tall glass of wine, is drinking it in a long, hot bubble bath. While you may think the heat will help you relax, a hot bath increases your body temperature, which will actually make it more difficult drift off. In order to fall asleep, your body needs to cool to a specific temperature. So the closer your soak to bedtime, the harder it will be to fall asleep. Try an earlier dip to give your internal temp enough time to adjust before bed.

#3: Tea Time

Coffee Sleepless Nights

An nice cup of tea or coffee around 4 may seem harmless in affecting sleep, however, studies show the effects of caffeine last for much longer than you might think. Although caffeine is a life saver in many circumstances (trust us... we can’t live without our morning cup of Joe), it has a direct affect on the adenosine receptors as well as containing polyphenol antioxidants, which affect various pathways in the brain causing alertness and restlessness suppressing the effects sleep. So, for a sound slumber, we suggest either capping the caffeine at 2:00pm or opting for a decaf option after lunch.

#4: Surfing The Net

Blue Light Bad Sleep Hygiene

We know - the temptation to reach for your phone after snuggling down in bed is irresistible. Most people assume it will help them relax and unwind before drifting off, however, it actually does the complete opposite. The blue light emitted by most screens (including the TV!) suppresses melatonin - the hormone released in the brain responsible for our sleep-wake cycle. So, to get the best 8 hours you can, you should avoid any screen time in the lead up to, and during your ‘snuggle down’ phase.

#5: Reading A Good Book

Books Before Bed

Reading a good book before bed actually hinders a restful sleep? Yes, we know it seems contradictory, but a “good read” actually stimulates brain activity making it harder to fall asleep. Reading is a great way to unwind and relax before bed, but we suggest picking up a “fluff” book and leave the captivating reads for the daytime.

#6: Tiring Yourself Out

Exercise Gear

We know it seems counterintuitive, but “tiring” yourself out before bed only fatigues you physically. Exercising right before bed increases heart rate and adrenaline which inhibit ease of sleep. To physically get your body ready for bed, we suggest doing some light stretches in bed. This will ease breathing and loosen muscles tension without increasing your heart rate, and it also feels amazing.

And If All Else Fails...

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These tips will help you get the best possible sleep, however we’re all human… life happens, and sometimes getting a full, restful night’s sleep every night isn’t always possible. For those moments your go-to fix is Eye Perfection Gel. It instantly depuffs and soothes your under eye area, and conceals dark circles. With cucumber extract, vitamin A & E, and a cooling effect palladium tip, it not only instantaneously covers and corrects, but treats your skin at the same time. Tired Eyes Rejoice!



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