Easy Beach Makeup

Taking It To The Beach

It’s officially summer time! Which means it’s time to enjoy your favorite summer activities! The top of our list? Taking it to the beach! But in the sand, and sea salt breeze, wearing a full face of makeup isn’t exactly possible - however, still looking your best at the beach, is! On this blog we’re revealing how to achieve the perfect, easy beach makeup look by keeping it lightweight, cheeky, and sun-kissed.

Lightweight, Perfected Skin

Natural Primer Skin Perfection Gel

Let’s get back to basics - the fundamentals of any perfect, natural look is starting with your skin. Whether you’re hiding out under a beach umbrella, playing with your kids in the sand, or swimming in the ocean, opting for a light-weight, water-resistant tinted primer is going to be one of the best things you can do. The last thing you want is a heavyweight foundation. Not only will this clog your pores, but in the heat, it will actually melt, and let’s be honest - the only thing that should be melting at the beach is your ice cream.

Our top pick is Per-fékt’s Skin Perfection Gel. It’s specially formulated with Smart Color Gel Technology™ which guarantees a flawless match to any skin tone. It also contains vitamins A & E to help protect your skin's surface from free radical damage - which is especially important during the sunnier months.

Sunkissed Flush

Natural Blush Cheek Perfection Gel

Draping - this trending makeup look is a perfect way to take your makeup look from pure no makeup  to natural glam! The technique involves subtly layering blush to sculpt and highlight your face. It is the ideal summer alternative to traditional contouring, and is the perfect accompaniment to our tinted primer. Our go-to product for this look is our multi-benefit Cheek Perfection Gel.

Simply dab a drop of product onto your ring finger and blend upwards staring at the apples of the cheeks. What we love about Cheek Perfection Gel is a little goes a long way, and it lasts all day. Even with a full beach day of sun, sand, and waves, this is non-greasy, sets into the skin flawlessly, and stays put.

Bronzed Beauty

Self Tanning Bronzer Body Per-fekt

Day one of summer, after a long winter of heavy sweaters and mom jeans, the thought of reaching for the swim suit can be dreadful. For most of us, our skin hasn’t seen the sun in months! So the solution? A glowing tan of course. However, this is when we get into a slight chicken and egg situation - we want a tan to feel confident enough to wear a bathing suit, which we can only achieve by wearing a bathing suit to tan. Now for most of us, a day at the beach is how we get this sun-kissed glow. However, this isn’t generally something that can be achieved in one day, and with the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, an instant fix isn’t only a quicker option, but it’s a far safer option too.

Our go-to for these exact reasons is our own Body Perfection Gel. It enhances the look of the skin, leaving a smooth, airbrushed, sun-kissed glow and is transfer resistant so you’ve got no need to worry about your white towel, or favorite swimsuit. Not only do you get a perfect beach glow, but it actually instantly improves skin tone, and reduces the appearance of redness, bruises, veins and dry, rough skin. We love it because it means you can start beach season looking and feeling like you’ve been soaking up the sun all winter.

Perfected... Worry Free Makeup

Summer is the season to relax, unwind, and be worry-free, so worry-free, beach-proof makeup is something that’s worth knowing how to master. The good news is there really is no ‘mastery’ required. All you need to do is follow these simple steps, plus avoid the ones we said to steer clear of, and your natural, worry-free, beach makeup look will be a breeze - a beachy, sea-salt, summer breeze.



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