How To Get The Per-fékt Natural Lashes

Why Natural Lashes Over Eyelash Extensions?

Long, thick, natural lashes. It’s something all women want, but so few have been able to achieve without having to resort to using (often fake looking) eyelash extensions, or harsh chemically filled mascaras. Do you really want that impulse mascara if it’s made with coal tar? We didn’t think so. At some stage or another, nearly all of us have been guilty of taking (what could be described as...) desperate, often unnatural looking steps in an attempt to achieve longer, and thicker looking lashes. Our makeup tips for achieving perfect lashes: bigger is better, however - keep it natural.

Enhance Naturally for Major Results

Yes ladies, it is possible to have gorgeous, long, healthy eyelashes that will literally have people stopping you in your tracks to compliment you on. Whether you’re in need of major lash rehab, or if you’re wanting to take your already “good” lashes to the next level, we have the winning combination for how to get there, naturally.

Step 1: The Lash Elixir Kit

The newest, and best selling addition to the Per-fékt Beauty family, the lash elixir kit is a 2 step kit packed with powerful peptides, botanical extracts, essential vitamins and oils that condition and renew your lashes, all while you sleep. It works, and it’s a natural and safe alternative to harsh chemical and steroid enhancers which is why we love it.

The best time to apply your kit is right before bed. Once you’ve removed your makeup, flick The Base (step 1) along the root of your lashes to nutrify the follicles. Now, sweep The Lash (step 2) from root to tip of the lashes. This step coats the lashes with liquid crystal and other powerful conditioning agents. Next, get some rest. When you wake up in the morning, your natural lashes will be well on the way to being longer, thicker, healthier, and stronger looking. The kit is a 30 day program, but we regularly have people achieving results within the first couple of weeks.

Step 2: The Best Lengthening Mascara

Vegan Makeup - perfekt mascara

Now that you’ve woken up with conditioned natural lashes, it’s time to take them that extra step, with the most effective, truly buildable and healthiest mascara, our lash perfection gel. Most mascaras clump and thicken after the first coat, but lash perfection gel has been wowing it’s die hard users for nearly a decade with its uncanny ability to extend lashes, where there were none. It has a silky smooth formula that effortlessly lengthens, volumizes and conditions lashes, without clumping or smudging. This is one of our best sellers and it’s just been restocked.

To apply, simply position the wand horizontally and wiggle from side to side, moving up base to tip. One coat of the carbon black hyaluronic infused formula and lashes are lifted, defined and curled. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled, lengthened, volumized and dramatic. Three coats and you’ll be looking and feeling like your wearing lash extensions.

The lash elixir kit and lash perfection gel mascara is our go to winning combination for perfect natural lashes. By following these steps you can get the look you’ve been searching for, and importantly you can feel good about what you’re actually putting onto and into your body. These products pass the cruelty free makeup and clean beauty test, and will have you shocked at how beautifully long and thick your own natural lashes can be.


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