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Over the past month we’ve either received, been tagged in, or have been tweeted at by a growing community of women who are chasing after the same thing - Natural Beauty. But why have these women been spilling the beans on their beauty secrets? We think it has something to do with the fact that when you discover something so simple that becomes a catalyst for significant positive change and self confidence, then sharing that, in a way, almost becomes an obligation. These stories are why we do what we do. We cater for real women and help them discover, or in some cases rediscover what it means to feel beautiful. You’ll hear a lot of these experiences on our blog in the future, but for now we invite you to meet Lori, Nicole and Jenny to hear their story.

Lori Loves Makeup, And For Her, Skin Perfection Plus Is SUPER.

 Makeup Application Tips

Meet Lori. She was looking to simplify her beauty routine while still getting reliable coverage that suited her lifestyle. She found what she was looking for in our Skin Perfection Plus foundation.

I was looking for something quick and easy to apply as a BB or CC style foundation (especially for the weekends), that would still give me good coverage because it’s quite hard to find one that suits my lifestyle. Skin perfection plus feels great on the skin and is so much easier to apply than my regular foundations, not needing any extras - no brushes or sponges. But, I still get the coverage that I am looking for. I also love that I can make the same shade work for both summer and winter (with a tan or without), I don’t know how they do it - but it still blends! And if you’re wanting to go more “glam” or if you have a long night ahead - you can layer it without it looking cakey!

See Lori’s story here.

Brush And Tool Free With SPF Protection - Nicole Has Her Skin Care Routine (And Confidence) On Lock.

all natural, vegan, cruelty free makeup


Meet Nicole. She’s been on a life long skin care journey and has found her “everything in 1” solution to skin care and makeup with Skin Perfection Plus.

“As a woman who has suffered from acne my whole life, I’m always in search of a makeup brand that’s lightweight, soft, blendable, has the SPF I need, but that can also smooth out my random spots of discolouration. Sounds like a tall order, I know, but between the Per-fékt Start Kit and Skin Perfection Plus, I’ve got everything I need! I’ve tried the Skin Perfection Gel, Cheek Perfection Gel, Lash Perfection Gel, and Skin Perfection Plus, and let’s just say that they’re aptly named. A few skin care tips, I completely skip the primer because the Skin Perfection Plus is sooo soft, I don’t need it. I just use my fingers - it was designed to be used this way (no brushes or sponges or anything like that) so easy to use! I love the no makeup, makeup look, but I like to have a little color on my lips, so I actually use my cheek perfection gel on my lips too (shade peached). My morning makeup routine is so quick and easy now thanks to Per-fékt!”

Check out Nicole’s Journey here. 

Protect and Per-fékt With Mineral SPF

Per-fékt Beauty Skin Care Tips

Living in a city that doesn’t get a whole lotta sun, Jenny’s found Per-fékt Body Perfection Gel has given her the perfect healthy glow she’s been looking for, without the hassle.

“Using the Per-fékt Body Perfection Gel gets me so excited for spring/summer! It gives my skin a nice sun kissed glow and masks my paleness from the past winter. I hate the fake, orange and streaky looks I get from most tanning products, but this doesn’t stain my hands or my clothes at all! It’s made with mineral SPF 30, so this is definitely one of my summer must haves.”

Watch Jenny’s review here.



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