The Blushed Look

The Underrated Dream Cream - Blush

Stayed up late with the kids? Put in extra hours at work? Not getting those 8 hours of Zs? At some stage or another we’ve all been guilty of burning the candle from both ends, and the first place it tends to show is our skin. Without stating the obvious, we all want to look our best, but the time commitment involved with putting “our best face forward” isn’t something every woman can commit to for obvious reasons. Even if your superwoman, and let’s be honest, that’s all of us - finding the time and energy to indulge in anything beauty related, well it tends to slip down the priority list. But, if you could, you know you would. Well, we’re about to show you how to instantly inject radiance into your look with simple highlighter makeup.  

The Secret To An Instant Youthful Glow using Blush

Blush Before and After Cheek Make Up

The most underrated way to beautifully transform your look? Multibenefit, multi-use blush that lets you quickly and effortlessly sculpt, highlight, contour and add colour to your face. Yes, we know what you’re thinking… you’re 12 years old, and you’re playing with your mom’s makeup for the first time. Of course, you reach for the blush and completely go to town. Because of this, we tend to think “clown” when blush comes to mind. But in reality, blush is one of the simplest, easiest, and most beautiful ways you can give yourself an instant glow and pick-me-up. The key to avoiding that circus feel? Quantity and formula. Opting for a gel blush is going to help smoothe any blushed pigment into the skin leaving a soft, subtle highlight as opposed to a harsh line of color.

Ready, Set, Glow!

Natural Cruelty Free Blush Cheek Makeup

Our favourite gel blush? Per-fékt’s Cheek Perfection Gel. An advanced gel formula with Smart Color Technology™ creates a perfect youthful glow, on any skin tone, in seconds. What we really love about this product - that less is more. In order to achieve a perfect blushed look, you only need a little dab on the apples of each cheek.

After applying either Skin Perfection Gel or Skin Perfection Foundation, squeeze a small drop onto fingertips, smile and pat onto apple of cheeks while gently smoothing upwards. This process takes seconds, can be worn alone, under or over makeup, and the vitamin c and caffeine really brightens up your skin and puts life back into it.

So whether you’re feeling peached, blushed, or bronzed, “The Blushed Look” is an elegant, beautiful look, which according to People magazine, is about as uncomplicated and achievable as any makeup look gets.


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