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Redefining Sunless Tanning

Body Perfect. It means something different to everyone. But to us, it means body confidence. Because trust us…we’ve been there. Not feeling amazing about yourself is something everyone goes through, but with The Body Look, transforming the skin you’re in - no matter your size, color, shape or mindset, isn’t just possible, it’s easy.

Natural Bronzer Self Tanning Makeup With SPF

If you’re anything like us, with summer right around the corner your focus is probably on becoming more active, or maybe even trying to move those last few lbs so that dream dress that’s been in the back of your closet all winter can finally be worn with confidence. All of those things are totally valid, but amidst all the ‘prepping’, one thing that tends to fall to the back of our minds is our skin, and how easy it actually is to care for it, and in doing so to transform your look and your confidence along with it.

So, like most women, we’ve tried just about everything out there: we’re talking scrubs, lotions, treatments and literally every tanning product under the sun. From gels, to spray, instant to gradual - we’ve learned that in order to achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow - there’s a TON of prep work involved… and a lot of upkeep, as well. But, Ladies, we have the perfect solution, and it comes without the hassle, the time, or the upkeep that you’re use to.  

How To Achieve The Body Perfekt Look

Natural Bronzer Self Tanning Makeup with SPF

So what’s the answer? We call it The Body Look. Your solution for instantly improving skin tone, reducing the appearance of redness, bruises, veins, and dry rough skin. The Body Look is also the ‘holy grail’ answer you’ve been searching for, for getting that elusive, authentic, smooth, air-brushed, sun-kissed glow. What’s more, we think you’re going to love just how easy and quick it is to achieve this look.

Step 1: Start off with clean dry skin. There’s no need for excessive exfoliating, and no prep work or moisturizer needed.

Step 2: Take your Body Perfection Gel SPF 30 and simply pat anywhere the body needs perfecting, then smooth with fingertips.

Step 3: Get ready to rock some serious body confidence.

It really is that easy, and your level of tan - totally up to you. It’s formulated with buildable coverage so on days when you want a little extra, you can. Now this stuff is very highly pigmented and it’s also formulated with Smart Color Technology™, meaning regardless of your skin tone you’ll achieve the perfect color match every time. What we also love is the transfer resistant formula - you’ll never have to worry about your Labour Day whites again!

More Than Just A Bronzer


Whether you’re looking for subtle coverage to hide minor imperfections, or whether you’re looking for the ultimate authentic sun kissed glow with healthy mineral SPF protection, The Body Look is for you. Picking a sunless tanner (preferably with mineral SPF for that added protection) that looks, feels, and IS good for you, is often a struggle. But, with Body Perfection Gel SPF 30 in your back pocket, your summer is going to be quite unlike the ones before it. You’re going to feel truly confident in your own skin, and that’s a beautiful thing. Curious to see more? Have a listen to Nicole’s experience getting The Body Look here.


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