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Rihanna's skin secret revealed!  Make-up artist, Mylah Morales, used per-fekt skin, cheek, and body perfection gels to keep the international super star perfectly bronzed and flawless for her "Birthday Cake" video shoot. You can get the look, too! Check out Daily Mail UK, Elle and Cosmopolitan!


Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has a per-fekt way to get her skin hi-def ready.  The show's makeup artist, Sherri Berman Laurence, has turned to skin perfection gel to get her complexion camera-ready.


Victoria Beckham's secret carry-on, per-fekt eye perfection gel!


Twilight beauty, Kristen Stewart, joins the per-fekt fan club!  Kristen reportedly LOVES the whole line, especially Skin Perfection Gel and Brow Perfection Gel.  What a beauty Bella is! Click here to read more and here for even more.


Jennifer Hudson exclaims, "I love this stuff! It's what I grab when I'm getting ready to be a diva - on my own time."


per-fekt loyal fan, Vanessa Williams, names per-fekt skin perfection gel as one of her favorite products!  Additionally, Vanessa Williams says, "I love per-fekt body perfection gel, as it hydrates, firms, and tones skin, giving the body a much smoother and slimmer appearance."


International beauty, Kim Kardashian, has caught wind of Rihanna's beauty secret.  She, too, is using and loving per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel to achieve her flawless finish! Read all about it here.


Reese Witherspoon purchased her skin perfection gel in luminous at Fred Segal on Melrose!


Jennifer Love Hewitt personally thanked Richard for her beauty booty: eye, skin, and body perfection gel.  She says, " Eye perfection gel banishes my dark under eye circles!"


Susan Sarandon couldn't resist buying skin perfection gel at NYC's Takashimaya!  One feel of the silky smooth texture, and you're sold!


Paris Hilton purchased the entire per-fekt line at Fred Segal on Melrose! And she LOVES it!


Nicolette Sheridan raves, "After using per-fekt skin perfection gel, I no longer need concealer or anything of the sort."


Hollywood make-up artist, Tym Buacharern, uses skin perfection gel on all the lovely faces of One Tree Hill, and the film, Dreamgirls, starring Beyonce' and Jennifer Hudson.  "I use this on everyone.  It makes a perfect canvas for makeup."

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